NSRF Action & Patents


ΕΣΠΑ Ευρεσιτεχνίες ευρεσιτεχνία

The action "Research - Create - Innovate" of the NSRF aims to connect research and innovation with entrepreneurship and to strengthen the competitiveness, productivity and extroversion of companies towards international markets. 

NSRF Action & Patents

The action concerns the provision of support for research, technological development and innovation in:

Individual businesses.

Business groups.

Business partnerships with research organizations.

The NSRF Program is addressed to companies, which can belong to all categories based on their size (small, medium, large) as well as to research organizations, while proposals can be submitted either by individual companies or by groups of companies, or from business partnerships with research organizations.

Among other things, the program finances the costs of obtaining Patents , at the National or International level, allowing companies and research organizations to exploit their patents for the purpose of their further development.

Patents are titles of protection with a duration of 20 years, granted to the beneficiary for a new invention, which involves inventive activity and is capable of industrial application. An invention can be registered with a Patent both in Greece and abroad, individually or with unified procedures, at the European or International Office.

The specific action of the NSRF will be implemented in 3 rounds of announcements, more specifically:

Cycle A – September 2016, with funding of €126,000,000
Cycle B – September 2017, where funding will amount to €84,000,000
Cycle C – September 2018, with the last cycle amounting to €70,000,000

Contact us at 210-9358482 to find out about the registration of your Patent with a Diploma, so that you can effectively benefit from the specific action of the NSRF, enhancing the competitiveness of your business.