Register your trademark, both nationally and internationally.

Making your products and services known

In Greece a trademark may consist of any sign capable of graphic representation, and in particular words, including letters, numerals, names, designs, colors, sounds, the shape of goods or their packaging.

The only provision is that these signs are capable of allowing the distinction of the goods and services of one undertaking from those of others. Furthermore a trademark is not required to present novelty, but must not conflict with an already registered mark.

In order to proceed with the filing of a trademark application, the applicant has to present a prescribed application, along with an electronic storage medium (CD or usb flash) with the aforementioned application form and the imprint of the mark. The duration of protection for a registered trademark is 10 years, renewable every ten years, beginning from the date following that of the filing. The renewal takes place within the last year of charge of 50%. The correction or alteration of a registered trademark is not possible. A Community trademark can be filed either with priority (six-months time) or with seniority. Moreover, the conversion of a Community trademark application into a national application in Greece is possible. A simple prescribed application, along with an imprint of the mark, a power of attorney, a copy of the Community trademark application and the transmission of the request to the National Offices are required. The application and imprint must also be filed electronically. International applications and extensions of International applications are handled as national trademark applications.

Due to the nature of the procedures, an applicant is advised to appoint a representative when proceeding with trademark applications in Greece. Our office will provide you with the most experienced team of lawyers and counsels assisting you in every step of the procedures, ensuring the success of your trademark registrations.