Utility Models

Utility Models

Secure the rights that a utility model certificate gives you.

Protecting any small innovation of an object

A utility model certificate is granted for any novel and industrially applicable three-dimensional object, with a particular design and form, including instruments, tools, devices, apparatuses, or parts thereof, proposed as novel and industrially applicable and capable of providing a solution to a technical problem.

The duration of a utility model is seven years and the protection begins the date following that of the filing in Greece. A utility model is granted without prior examination from the Greek Patent Office. Therefore a search report is not drafted.

In order to retain the rights of a utility model, the applicant has to pay annuities, beginning from the third year of the filing. The annuities must be paid each year, up to the last date of the month corresponding to the month the application was filed. A six months grace period is granted for the late payment of the annuities, although a fine will be imposed. If an annulment act is published in the Official Bulletin issued by the Greek Patent Office, the restoration of a utility model is impossible. It should be noted that the Greek Patent System, allows the transformation of a patent application into an application for a utility model. An applicant may request the conversion of a patent application into a utility model application, either upon filing the patent application, or any time prior to the grant of the patent. Moreover,a patent application, for which the search fees are not paid in due time, will be automatically converted into a utility model application.

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