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Greece, as a member of the WIPO, the Paris Convention and the Locarno Agreement for the Establishment of an International Classification for industrial Designs, grants designs and models.

The right to the design and model belongs to the designer or the successor to the right. In order to grant a design and model, this has to be absolutely new, within the Community, and to present an individual character. The absolute novelty of a design and model is not compromised even if the design was made known to the public, within the last 12 months, prior to filing an application with the Greek Patent Office. Even in cases when the design was exposed in an International exhibition, up to six months prior to the filing of the application, the novelty is not jeopardized, provided that the applicant makes the relevant statement and provides the supporting certificate, at the time of the application. In order to proceed with a design and utility model filing, one has to provide a photograph of certain dimensions, or a graphic representation of the design, along with any priority documents, in case that priority is claimed, and a power of attorney to the local agent. If succession is applicable, the relevant documentation has to be notarized or legalized with Apostile.

Following the application, a formalities examination is conducted by the Greek Patent Office and the design and model is granted to the applicant. The duration of the registration is for a maximum period of 25 years, provided that the holder of the executive right to use renews it every five years. Any other assignments or licenses have to be recorded accordingly with the Greek Patent Office.

You will find our team of experts always at your disposal, in order to assist you with the protection of your designs and models. We will undertake all the necessary procedures to register them, not only in a national level, but also internationally.