With the new Google patent, you will unlock the app, not the phone!


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One of the features of Google phones is the ability to set patterns that will allow unlocking your phone! This was a very handy app, first introduced by  Google  , before  Microsoft followed suit  in their own Windows.

With the new Google patent, you will unlock the app, not the phone!

The difference between Google and  Apple  , for example, is that unlocking a phone simply requires a predetermined movement of the user's finger on the screen, while on an iPhone or an iPad it is first required to scroll the bar to open the device and then the input of the personal pin by the user to unlock it.

But there at Google they decided that they can do even better. In what way?

In their awarded US patent  8,504,842  , they claim “Different ways of unlocking” a device. This will allow depending on the movement of the finger on the screen to unlock the phone and open directly to a specific application. In other words, the mobile will be able to compare the predefined patterns by the user, and if one matches the current movement of their finger, perform the corresponding process, either unlocking the mobile or opening a specific application.

Obviously, it's not yet known if this particular patent will be a feature of the next version of Google's operating system, but if they decide to do so it will certainly be a pleasant and welcome addition.