Google invests a lot in our look!


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Google, as you probably know, has invested a lot in the Glass project , considering that the future lies there. Over time, its activities have intensified in this area, and the latest patent confirms this.

Google invests a lot in our look!

The California-based company has already received a US patent for a method that will be able to precisely follow users' gaze. The proposed system will include both a front-facing camera and a camera facing the user's pupil, which will interact with each other to determine what is attracting the users' attention. In this way, it will be possible to evaluate the reactions to objects, simply by monitoring the dilation of the pupil, while in further stages it will be possible to charge for advertisements depending on how much the owners of the system look at a specific advertisement.

There's currently no indication that Google will be using this invention anytime soon, but it wouldn't be surprising to see what Glass could do in the near future.