F. Marouli wins “Excellence in Trademark Law – Greece” award


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We are really proud of winning a trophy in the “LEGAL AWARDS 2015”.

F. Marouli wins “Excellence in Trademark Law – Greece” award

F. Marouli has been awarded with the “Excellence in Trademark Law”n Greece award. Sponsored by both the International Association of Lawyers and Swissport, the 2015 Legal Awards award program selects winners based on their achievements and strengths over the past calendar year.

All winners of the 2015 Legal Awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by experienced professionals. This ensures that only the most deserving firms and individuals walk away with one of these prestigious accolades and gain a place in the relevant awards winners’ guide, which is distributed to over 500,000 legal professionals and is available in all of Swissport’s Aspire airport lounges worldwide.

All of Corporate LiveWire Awards programs represent the pinnacle of business achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, therefore to come out as a clear winner is truly an achievement to be proud of.