Fee discounts for all of 2022!


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Discount of up to 75% on fees for Trademarks and Industrial Designs and 50% on fees for Patents, with no time-limited "windows", with applications submitted throughout 2022.

 Fee discounts for all of 2022!

The SME Fund will provide financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) established in the European Union.
For 2022, following the particularly satisfactory absorption within the Project in 2021, the Fund has improved the terms of participation and the financial support is not only limited to Design-Model and Trademark applications, but now also includes Patent Fees with a 50% refund , which is an incentive for depositors and owners of small and medium enterprises to take advantage of this provision.
This is a voucher reimbursement program that SMEs can use to partially cover their basic Patent (DE) Fees.

Each SME can apply for:
– 75% reimbursement of expenses for application fees for trademarks and/or designs, additional fees per class and fees for examination, registration, publication and suspension of publication at Union, national and regional level.
– 50% reimbursement of basic trade mark and/or design application fees, designation fees and post-determination fees outside the EU. Designation fees from EU countries are excluded, as are processing fees charged by the office of origin .
– 50% reimbursement of pre-grant (eg filing, search and examination), grant and national publication fees.

Applications can be submitted from January 10, 2022 to December 16, 2022 .

You can call us daily at 210-9358482 , so that we can inform you in detail about how to submit the relevant application and join the program for the relevant grant.