Pepsi invests in "olfactory marketing"


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"Smell marketing" is perhaps an illegal term, but it seems like a logical translation of the term "scent marketing", which more and more companies are investing in. 

Pepsi invests in "olfactory marketing"

Besides, as reported by the Scent Marketing Institute (yes, and yet it exists) "smell is the strongest and most primitive of all our senses". Numerous examples confirm that entire companies and industries want to introduce the sense of smell into the "game" of selecting the respective product. So, for example, there is artificial fragrance in a spray that simulates the smell of a new car or the fragrance with which entire stores are scented, so that the neurons of the brain identify a certain company with a certain smell and thus recognize it before they have time to see her store with their eyes. This is how Pepsi thought and filed an application for a Patent with the title "Release of entrapped aromas".

In 2013 (specifically, March 7, 2013) the worldwide Patent of Pepsi.Co, INC, was published for a system by which gelatin capsules can be broken at the moment a bottle is opened, "thereby releasing an aromatic chemical compound and causing a pleasant odor to the consumer". In fact, according to the Patent, the capsules may have a secondary, protective coating of wax or biopolymer material, so that they are not damaged during the packaging and transportation processes.